PICTURE POSTCARDS published by Dennis

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   In late 1894 or early 1895 Dennis commissioned an artist drawn series of picture postcards that were all "Printed in Saxony".  The  drawings were copied from standard photographs of Northumberland  taken by  Auty  of Tynemouth and also G.W.Wilson photographs of Scotland. (The photographic origins of the other:s are unknown)   Most of these cards were not postally  used . Germans visiting the North East and Scotland  posted a few home. (GB then lead the world in shipbuilding in Glasgow and Newcastle . The North of England had very close connections with Germany at the time.) . The first eight  numbered cards in the set turn up the most often and centre on the Tyne/Wear district down to Hartlepool, these eight  were clearly the first to be issued and all have the "With Compliments from..........", wording. This wording was omitted in the later issues

1895 Newcastle  postcard published by etw DennisThe picture postcard opposite is the earliest known of this Dennis  "Saxony" series (so called,  because of the prominent  "Printed in Saxony"  at lower left) and is P/U on 28th June 1895. The bridges vignette here  is an exact copy, taken from a classic photo of Auty's.

(The next earliest known of this type  is of Glasgow P/U 13 July 1895)

I personally find it very odd that there is no picture postcard for London in this Dennis "Saxony" series. Dennis did a card for London in the "miniphoto" series , I have one "miniphoto" London example P/U Dec 1895

   The same Saxony printer did a 1896 Xmas & New Year Edinburgh card for Durie Brown of Edinburgh. The type used on the back is identical with that of this  Dennis series. I guess the Dennis salesman took the order when delivering the Edinburgh cards in this Saxony series

Other PU 1895 or 1896 examples sought

(either to buy or a photocopy appreciated)

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Was Roeder the printer of these Dennis "Printed in Saxony" PPC's?

   Auty back at top, Dennis back lower



  I show above an Auty card of Newcastle-on-Tyne  (P/U 1898) together with a Dennis Newcastle.O.T card from the "Printed in Saxony" series.  The "Printed in Saxony" Newcastle card was published by E.T.W.Dennis of Scarborough, but so far nobody knows which Saxony company printed it.

   I recently acquired the scarce coloured Auty card of Newcastle pictured above . Looking at the two PPC backs, it seems that the lettering used for "POST CARD" on the Auty card  is the same as that used on the Dennis card (Of course the spacing used is different. ) . This indicates the possibility  that the same printer printed  the two cards. There was a strong connection between the two firms of Dennis and Auty,  as I have shown.  Dennis used stock Auty photographs to be sent to Germany for copying as line drawings for his  "Printed in Saxony" series.  In addition Dennis sold photographic prints in his Scarborough shop, which would have included  a lot of Auty's Northumberland .photographs   It was only natural then that Auty would try out the same German printer as Dennis.

   The printing process used on this  Auty card is very interesting, as it consists of collotype printing with colour overlays. The Leipzig firm of  C.G.Roeder specialised in exactly this type of printing for its PPC's. The firm of Roeder has been extensively researched  in the magazine "The Postcard Album",   in articles by Helmfried Luers and myself.  Roeder's mass production of PPC's started in 1901, but they had all the necessary facilities prior to this date.

    I suggest that the firm of C.G.Roeder is a  possibility as a printer for both these two cards. The printer involved  would have to have had colour lithograh and also collotype capabilities and we well know that Roeder was using both these processes in 1898 , the date of this Auty card.  Inter alia, Roeder  printed sheet music and would have needed colour lithography artists and printing capability , for the illustrated covers of sheet music .

    A  major Saxony lithographic  printer was Emil Pinkau, but the printing style of the Pinkau  lithographic  cards that I have seen  for about 1898,  does not match the "Printed in Saxony" style

   If anybody else has copies of coloured Auty  cards, I would be grateful if they would get in touch with me, as they seem to be scarce/rare. Indeed this is the first coloured one I have seen.

   All in all then ,  I think that the firm of C.G. Roeder is a  possibility for printing the "Printed in Saxony" Dennis  cards. Louis Glaser is another possible printer  and I am also (slowly)  researching their earlier cards. Glaser seemed to do either collotype for monotone or half tone for colour. I have found no Louis Glaser examples of colour overlay on monotone collotype. 

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