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Post 2000 Dennis

   The world of gambling as the world of art always brings pleasure both materially and morally. All this can be felt with aristocrat free download pokies 50 lions with just a couple of clicks on your device. John Hinde, an Irish postcard firm,  bought the Dennis business and its trade names . Hinde  has used the Dennis trade name. post 2000,  on some York and Scarborough cards also Yorkshire Dales and Moors

   The Bamforth part of the Dennis business was sold to Ian Wallace,  who has reprinted some of the Bamforth cards and in the future intends to license Bamforth image rights

 ETWD former premises at 24 Vernon Road, Scarborough were demolished in Dec 2013

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Balfour 1902 Education Card

In 1902/03 Dennis published a cartoon card satirising the 1902 Balfour Education Act, which was perceived as being very unfavourable to non conformists. (Dennis was a Quaker). The card was drawn by a John Noakes

Kaiser 1914 card

   The following postcard is a satire on the Kaiser. If turned upside down there are apparent a lot of British Lions and troops and   the moustache becomes the Imperial Eagle etc. The date is about August/September 1914 and refers, under the eyebrows, to the sieges of the first two Belgian cities, Liege and Namur ,. The artist is Victor Pickup. (The 1911 Census shows there was a Victor Pickup living in Scarborough).

    I had never before seen this “minimal” back design on a “Dainty” series card.. Back in 1894/5  Dennis  printed a Whitby card for an artist friend of his, but used his standard card back of that time. Possibly this time the artist, Victor Pickup, designed his own back for the card?? (Thanks to Tony Quinn at for sight of this card).

   Recently, (2016), Dave Ward sent me cards of a 1914 air show in Scarborough, all with these “minimal no graphics” backs. I think this make it clear that these “minimal” backs were used for special “one off”  Scarborough events, around about 1914. These “minimal back”  Dainty  Series cards were for distribution in Scarborough and district only and not the UK in general.

Further examples of these “minimum back” cards would be much appreciated

“Dainty” Board and Card Games

    Dennis produced a number of board and card games under the “Dainty” logo. I show below a set for playing and scoring Bridge. The score cards were printed by E.T.W.D & Sons, Scarborough.