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 Australia, New Zealand, Sudan, South Africa.

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E.T.W Dennis Australia

Tasmania, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia

  Dennis published and printed a number of cards with "ETWD" on the front. Also I can typically trace at least a couple of dozen Dennis cards printed under contract for each state. An example is Western Australia where both Austral and Bon Marche  issued/published Dennis printed cards. The "eggshell blue" sky that was used is unmistakeable and Dennis used  a limited range of card back designs.


  Selwyn Cox initially, about 1905 ordered cards from Valentine. I illustrate an example below (from Des Beechey Site). Later he ordered cards from E.T.W.Dennis and used the same design back


  Selwyn Cox Tasmanian Back above, sometimes used in NSW .

Lilydale Falls

Breakwater Burnie

Beauty Point

Circular Head


Macquarie Street



Usual Selwyn Cox Tasmanian  (and NSW ) back on left .This was later reprinted in multi colours, with a different back  and without ETWD  initials, possibly by Valentine?

Scarcer "Printed in England" back  on right. Later multi -colour reprint  of Bellerieve Pier below


   ETWD printed and published some PPCs of Tasmania circa 1906,with "ETWD" on the front of the card. He also did some, printing , for other Tasmanian photographer/s ( All Dennis cards had a usual very distinctive "eggshell blue" sky). This "eggshell blue" sky , combined with monochrome printing of the rest of the card is unique to ETWD and I have used this for identification where there are no explicit "ETWD" initials. (Note: Dennis used a new type of back, circa 1910, with "Printed in England", these are rarely seen)

Des Beechey has many ETWD Australian cards illustrated at Des illustrates the initial Valentine printings for Tasmania and also the E.T.W.Dennis printings  using the same Selwyn Cox back


List of Tasmanian cards, printed by E.T.W Dennis

( * on the listing means that explicit ETWD initials are on the front of the card=Dennis owned the image rights)

*Princes Square, Launceston.,  *Entrance to City Park, Launceston, *Government Building, Hobart (also later multi colour reprint, without "ETWD" initials)

*Macqaurie Square, Hobart,  *St Patricks River, Tasmania,  *Bellerive Ferry, Tasmania (illustrated above), also multi colour reprint,without "ETWD" initials

*Cataract Gorge from Crows Nest, Tasmania,   *Hobart, Tasmania, *St Patricks River & Fisherman's Hut, Tasmania

Other Tasmanian cards. Dennis printing only (No ETWD initials, but usual"eggshell blue" sky and Dennis Tasmanian card back )

Penguin NW Coast Tasmania. (No "ETWD" lettering  and  the caption is  in white lettering, with the usual eggshell blue sky) Dennis printing only. Usual Dennis Tasmania back design

Breakwater, Burnie,  NW Coast Tasmania .(No "ETWD" and  the caption is  in white lettering, with the usual  eggshell blue sky) Dennis printing only Usual Dennis Tasmania back design

Circular Head from Moorville Road, Burnie, Tasmania  (No "ETWD" and  the caption is  in white lettering, with the usual  eggshell blue sky) Dennis printing only  Usual Dennis Tasmania back design

Corra Linn Bridge near Launceston, Tasmania (Dated May 26th 1906). Message refers to exchanging view cards. (No "ETWD" lettering  and  the caption is  in white lettering, with the usual eggshell blue sky) Dennis printing only. Usual Dennis Tasmania back design

 Deloraine, Tasmania

River Mersey, Devonport, Tasmania


7 each (or 15A$): Offer to buy any Queensland card not listed here.

      <Dennis: Queensland Back

Queensland PPCs   printed by Dennis

Cairns Beach Queensland No "ETWD", but usual blue sky
Townsville Queensland No "ETWD!
Treasury Buildings, Hobart No "ETWD"
Bourbong Street, Bundaberg No "ETWD"
Minto Crag Queensland No "ETWD"

ETW Dennis cards for New South Wales

 Dennis "Post Card" in  Red Lettering on back (Possibly for Sydney views only)

Sydney PPCs ("Post Card" in Red Lettering ) 

Centennial Park Sydney  No "ETWD"
Cogee Bay ETWD in white
Watsons Bay ETWD in black
Coogee Beach ETWD in white
Mosmans Bay ETWD in black
The Walker convalescent home Paramatta River "ETWD" in white
Berrys Bay,Paramatta River No "ETWD"
Botany Heads "ETWD" in white

 One card  for Lane Cove River, near Sydney, NSW  with ETWD initials (in black print). Usual "eggshell blue" sky, but with a differently designed "Red Letter"card back to his Tasmanian cards (shown below). Other cards with the Red Letter Postcard back are ,  Mosman's Bay,nr Sydney,NSW (ETWD white print) and Captain Cook's Monument, Kurnell (White caption print, no ETWD). Berrys Bay (illustrated)

(Above) Typical "Post Card"s with Red Lettering backs. Probably Sydney only


Also ETWD in white print for Moss Vale, NSW & also  Kuring Gai Chase, NSW (both with  usual Tasmanian type backs)

   Above.   NSW: A view of "Public Buildings ,Broken Hill". eggshell blue sky with steam train in the foreground There is no "ETWD" initials on this card. The caption writing style is the same as on  specific "ETWD" cards. Obviously printed by Dennis (no other printer in the world ever did this particular  "look" of eggshell blue sky and monochrome foreground) .Published by somebody else. Undivided back noted, possibly 1905??. 

Des Beechey has a Wallangara, NSW card with a "Tasmanian type" back


 ETW Dennis for E.W.Cole. Inscribed "Coles Sunny Australian Series, 36 views.  E.W.Cole Book Arcade Melbourne,Sydney, Adelaide.

Also a card for Owen River Victoria

South Australia                                        To Top

Dennis printed cards for South Australia

Usual Dennis eggshell blue sky and caption lettering types

Neville Solly Collection

At Balhannah No ETWD initials Printing only.
Torrens Lake, Adelaide   "           "
Semaphore Jetty  "           "
Railway Bridge, Bridgewater  "           "
On the Inter State Line, Mt Lofty  "           "
Mt Lofty Railway Station  "           "
Murray Bridge  "           "
Mt Barker  "           "
Leg of Mutton Lake, Mt Gambier  "           "
GPO and Victoria Sq, South Adelaide  "           "
Clarendon  "           "
King William Street, Adelaide  "           "

Also a Yacht race on the Swan River

Western Australia                                    To Top

Dennis printed cards for Western Australia

Usual eggshell blue sky. Lettering on Austral cards different to usual style

Title Issued by
Freemantle from North Mole Austral
Mundaring Weir Bon Marche
Old Anglican Church , Busselton Bon Marche
Hannan St, Kalgoorlie Bon Marche
Government Gardens, Perth  
Serpentine Falls Austral
Serpentine Falls (Vertical format) Austral
Collie River Austral
Melville Park Wharf, Perth  
Note: Serpentine Falls:  Seen a later non Dennis reprint in bright multi colour

New Zealand

The NZ card back is the same as the one for Queensland, except for insertion of "ONLY"

To Top

7(15$) Offer to buy any NZ  non listed card


New Zealand Usual "Eggshell Blue" Sky

Dusky Sound PU 1906 No ETWD
Mitre Peak, Milford Sound No ETWD
Clinton River, New Zealand D/B   No ETWD
Hawks Crag, Buller Gorge U/B.    No ETWD
Bush Scene 1906 p/u No ETWD1907
Lake Manawapouri.pu U/B. No ETWD


  I show below an ETWD photo (initials by leftmost soldier's boot) circa 1902 (Phil Mason collection) taken in the Sudan ,also here to the left "Omdurman Battle Field" with ETWD initials   Photographed , published and printed by Dennis . These are  two of a Sudan set, some photographs were taken in Sept 1898 , immediately after the battle of Omdurman and the rest after the Sudan War  reconstruction, which was probably Dec 1901 or thereabouts. I am still not quite sure how Dennis got to Khartoum in 1898  immediately after the battle, he must have gone with some civilian observers? But which ones? 

The full list of  known  E.T.W.Dennis  Sudan  PPCs follows (I would pay very well for the last two cards printed in red italic)              


A Village left by the Dervishes

Dervish Prisoners after the battle of the Atbara

Bayuda Desert Arabs

Soudanese Infantry Types

Khartoum Camel Cart

Khartoum Inside Old Palace

Khartoum Old Palace where Gordon fell

The Palace from the Garden, Khartoum

Khartoum Public Garden

Khartoum River Front

Omdurman Battlefield

Omdurman Khalifa's House    (30 offered)

Omdurman Mahdi's Tomb after the Battle   ( 70 offered)

ETWD SUDAN cards I have as of  04/12/2015  (*  means " ETWD" initials in photo)
Types of Sudanese Infantry*
General Gordon's steamship, "The Bordelin"*
Village as left by Dervishes*
Kordofan Arabs with Chief*
Where Gordon fell  (Old Palace, Khartoum)
Camel Cart*
New Palace Khartoum
The Palace from the Garden, Khartoum
Bayuda Desert Arabs
The Battlefield Omdurman*
Dervish Prisoners after the battle o


Offer to buy at  5 any non listed South Africa card

In addition to the Australian & Sudan cards, Dennis was active in South Africa.  Arthur Roberts has sent me photocopies  of  explicit ETWD cards for South Africa..An example for Cape Town is shown below.  (Some have typical U/B Dennis 1902 backs). Cape Town "Houses of Parliament"  is known with a 1902 back. By 1902, Dennis was actively exporting cards.

The two cards seen for Cape Town are of   The Museum and also Houses of Parliament

Two cards of Natal :   Albert Falls and Howick Waterfalls (the last card has all the lettering in the  "Dennis Thin" lettering, even though it has no "ETWD" initials.  The back design of the card dates from 1900/01 and a line has been added later to make it a D/B card

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