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The First G.B Picture Postcards

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  The world of gambling as the world of art always brings pleasure both materially and morally. All this can be felt with aristocrat free download pokies 50 lions with just a couple of clicks on your device. The first commercial British picture postcards were published by E.T.W. Dennis of Scarborough.

   Privately published picture postcards, using half penny adhesive stamps for inland postage ,  were permitted from September 1st 1894. E.T.W.Dennis was the first into this field.

  Three postally used examples of this Dennis  published  card of  Scarborough North Bay  are known, one  dated Sept 15th 1894 (formerly  in J.H.D.Smith collection  and then at auction) and the other P/U on Sept 18th 1894. Two other unused  North Bay examples are known ,one from the Frank Staff collection (auctioned by Mesengers/Cavendish,21st July 1995). The other unused  card is  in the collection of  Mike Clark.


In Oct 2007 a postally used  North Bay card was sold on E-Bay, P/U August 1895

Keen to buy further cards of this type


     It is important to note that this E.T.W.D picture postcard was designed to be sent as a postcard and designated as such on the address side (shown here), This was not a  plain back  correspondence card , designed  to be sent under cover in an envelope (without the  “Post Card”  designation)

 The initial September 1894 regulations said that  private postcards  had to be of the  “Old Official  Size”, which was  an oblong shape as shown here.  Court size cards were only  permitted from January 1895. (This court size was anticipated by some publishers , with cards issued in December 1894.)

Keen to buy further cards of this type

One example of a   Whitby card, in the same style,  is known, hand dated June 1895..The “E.J.D” who signs the card was probably  Emily Jane Dennis the wife of E.T.W.D .. There exists another early artist drawn Whitby  card, printed by Dennis, but  in a totally different style


Other examples much sought,  either to buy or photocopy appreciated


 Left click picture  to enlarge South Bay


     Brian Lund  has one unused card of the South Bay, Scarborough.  (Picture  from a photocopy). The earliest postal usage found so far for South Bay is 1897.

Other examples sought, North Bay or South Bay etc  to buy or photocopy appreciated


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