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  The world of gambling as the world of art always brings pleasure both materially and morally. All this can be felt with aristocrat free download pokies 50 lions with just a couple of clicks on your device. I show here an early multi vignette picture postcard card of Newcastle, drawn by Dennis himself , with the explicit initials E.T.W.D    Postally used January 24th 1895. Clearly designed and planned in 1894. Dennis continued to publish cards in this multi vignette artist drawn style until about 1898. 

Drawn , designed and printed by etw Dennis himself. PU Jan 1895

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LEAMINGTON.Drawn, designed and printed by Dennis himself

This Dennis  Leamington picture postcard  (Mike Clark collection) has the  initials ETWD in the design and was posted in 1898 (Illustration from a photocopy). Dennis spent two years as a librarian in Leamington before moving to Scarborough in 1870. Memory of this  may account for this unusual choice of place for an early GB card. (In the 1901 Census his wife Emily Jane (nee Willifer) was listed as  born in Leamington)


FURTHER SIMILAR SOUGHT    (either to buy or a photocopy appreciated)

    This Guildford picture postcard (Arthur Roberts collection) is postmarked 9 January 1896. The lettering on the address side is identical to known ETWD printings. I can find no sign of any artists initials on the picture side. So, printed by Dennis but  artist is unknown.

possible etw dennis postcard








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