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etw dennis photo c 1906


Edward Thomas West  DENNIS: (“ETWD”)

Biographical details




(Note: the information in blue type comes from his obituary in the Scarborough Mercury Nov 23rd, 1923)



etw dennis scarborough


  There was a very close link between the British North East and Germany in the late 19th century, both for ship building and agricultural produce imports

  Hartlepool was a major port for the importation of German  foodstuffs. This 1885 postcard is typical of these links showing  twice a week direct sailings between Hartlepool and Hamburg. Picture cards were  well established in Germany by 1894 and this would have encouraged ETWD to produce picture cards for the UK


What would we like to know about ETWD?

                         Any further information welcome,  especially a good photograph and/or  examples of his 1890’s printing.     

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