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  The world of gambling as the world of art always brings pleasure both materially and morally. All this can be felt with aristocrat free download pokies 50 lions with just a couple of clicks on your device. I show below a newly found artist drawn card for Whitby. It is definitely printed by Dennis, but the artist’s style is different to ETWDs drawing style for the Whitby card,  ( illustrated elsewhere on this web). The size of the card is 121mm*75mm, (Alan Kelly collection) Alan also has an unused copy of North Bay Scarborough in the size of 121mm*75mm

 I show also a magnified section of the lower left, with very uncertain  initials






 Dennis published 12 cards of the IOM, in the larger , (not court) , size. Envelope shown above.(Alan Kelly collection). Details are as follows. v=vertical.

(Somebody on the Internet mistakenly ascribes the Port Erin and also Loch Promenade cards to a firm of ETW Dennis of ???Scunthorpe???. Dennis was always run from Scarborough and never Scunthorpe)

Castletown (v)
Douglas, From Douglas Head (v)
Groudle Glen
Kirk Braddan (v)
Laxey Glen Gardens (v)
Loch Promenade (v)
Peel Castle And Harbour (v)
Peel, From The Castle (v)
Port Erin (v)
Port St. Mary (v)
Ramsey, From Mooragh Park (v)
Ramsey, From South (v)



Random notes (In no order and of varying interest)


 A descendent of a printer who worked for Dennis says that his forbear worked for Dennis , printing in Leeds and not Scarborough , about 1920

   John Hinde bought the Dennis Print & Publishing business in 2000. They continue to publish some Dennis numbered cards up to the present (April 2010) under the  heading “Dennis Print & Publishing ” . .One  example  I found was  a PPC  of “York Minster” with a Dennis reference number of  Y002102L, with a copyright attribution to E.T.W.DENNIS & SONS LTD, SCARBOROUGH