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ETW DENNIS of Scarborough.  Earliest GB Picture Postcards Publisher  (Revised 29/03/2018)

ETW DENNIS of Scarborough :  HOME PAGE:

    The world of gambling as the world of art always brings pleasure both materially and morally. All this can be felt with aristocrat free download pokies 50 lions with just a couple of clicks on your device.  ETW DENNIS of Scarborough published the first commercial British picture post card in 1894.  His firm, founded in 1870,  had a long and distinguished career as a printer and publisher, which effectively ended in June 2000,when the firm went into liquidation. Here I have mainly tried to give  the story of ETW Dennis’s sustained activity in the very first years of the British  picture postcard, 1894 to 1906.  There is also a page on “earliest GB card” claims Various early GB claims

      Gambling has never been so exciting as with video slots mobile casino. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun! I collect and am interested in the early (pre 1910, especially pre 1899)   ETW .Dennis picture postcards.  . (Please left click on captions in the right panel   for the illustrated pages and details of the firm).   I am also very interested in general in the story of this printing firm and would welcome any further information.  Photograph(s) of ETW .Dennis  are  particularly welcome , The firm issued a large variety of PPCs on a national basis and would have certainly been in any  top 10 list by size of G,B PPC publishers right up to the end in 2000.   Most unfortunately the firm’s records were destroyed in WW2 in a bombing raid on 18th March 1941, This site attempts to piece together what happened,  at least to 1914, 

The ETW Dennis research articles I have written in recent years  for Picture Postcard Monthly and summarised here ,greatly expands the ETW Dennis  entry  in Byatt’s book “Picture Postcards  & their Publishers”, particularly pre 1901 .(The Dennis trading names and copyrights were sold to John Hinde , who today still  use them to publish a  few “ETW Dennis” postcards of York etc)

  Note to any Dennis genealogist passing by. My interest is in printing history, but over time  ,some descendents have been in contact and  some genealogical  ETWD information has accumulated. This is given  in section 1

Dennis also published party games, year dated list in #13

  1. ETW.DENNIS biography
  2. Dennis The first GB  picture postcard 1894
  3. Dennis artvignette  postcards 1895
  4. Dennis  miniphoto  /courts 1895 to 1899
  5. Dennis saxony    postcards 1895 to 1898   
  6. Dennis saxonylist   of postcards , (& N.E map) 
  7. List of  published  articles
  8. Claims for  first G.B PPC,Stewart,Tuck/Snowdon etc 
  9. Cassel &Co    postcards 1894
  10.   Dennis Non Pictorial Printing  1896
  11. Dennis & Holloway.(Dennis printing)
  12. Erroneous  claims  for first GB PPC.  Theodore Hook, Glasgow, St Sunniva, etc
  13. Dainty Series Party Games also postcard evolution
  14. Non GB Cards Australia,NZ, Sudan, South Africa
  15. Links Page
  16. Post 2000Dennis&Unknown

  17  examples 1894

  18 Centenaryone 1994             and   Commemorative Postcards